memoirs of a wolf

Elias, 22, England, Lancashire, Uni dropout, bartender/manager.

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"Make it happen. Shock everyone." 

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To be honest, if I could care less… it wouldn’t exist. 

I’ll close my eyes
And I won’t see

The love you don’t feel
When you’re holding me

Morning will come
And I’ll do what’s right
Just give me ‘till then
To give up this fight

I will give up this fight

Cause I can’t make you love me
if you don’t.

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If you’re ever in the mood for a pretty decent funny/horror film, trust me “Stiches” is worth a watch.
Its predictable, stupid, but of you’re not after anything serious it is really pretty damn good.
Is there such thing as too many one liners? Of course not. Well so say the writers of this.

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